Volunteers are an essential part of Prudence Crandall Center’s services. Volunteers can assist directly with client services or with office tasks or events, for example.

Direct Service volunteers may assist by answering crisis or hotline calls; facilitate support groups; work with the children’s program; and working directly with the families receiving services at Prudence Crandall Center. Following an interview and successful background check, each direct service volunteer must complete 20 hours of training for Domestic Violence Counselor Certification. For more information on the volunteer program, please contact Tyshaunda Wiley at (860) 225-5187 ext. 32 or twiley@prudencecrandall.org.

Community Fundraising Events/Third Party Fundraisers – A third-party fundraising event is any activity by a group or individual not affiliated with Prudence Crandall Center, such as a donation drive, road race, or other event that requires little or no staff involvement. If you have an idea or plan for an event that will benefit Prudence Crandall Center please contact Gabrielle Nadeau at (860) 225-5187 ext. 23 or gnadeau@prudencecrandall.org.

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